Evolux Make Up, next generation professional makeup line

Made with some effective formulas, comfortable textures and colours based on last generation pigments. Inspired by the latest technical innovations, It offers the most innovative textures adapted to each skin type and age.

This range is the result of decades of experience in the manufacture of makeup and has been formulated with active ingredients that take care and improve the health of the skin.

The firm is composed of a wide and varied range of products: prebases and make-up bases, facial dermotensor, proofreaders, makeup (creams, powders, liquids, mousses, fixed, etc.), matting, blushers, Illuminators, fasteners, eye shadows, masks of eyelashes, eyeliner, gloss and lips and cleansing bars.

evolux plates 2

Evolux Make Up It has four lines of make-up bases, you adapt to the different needs:

  • Classic Line: Pronounced color and high coverage.
  • Color Clone Line: It illuminates accurately adapted to the tones of the face.
  • Perfecting Line: Perfect and moisturizes the skin. The finish is natural.
  • Experience Line: Very moisturising anti-ageing sun protection high.

evolux plates 1