CEDIB new paris

Cedib Paris presents new image and launches new makeup

Cedib Paris is a classical make-up which still retain more pleasing textures and the best properties. Is characterized by being composed by products simple and at the same time very effective, with which professional finishes are achieved.

Continue keeping Compact crème Couvrance, our traditional makeup that has more of 50 years in the Spanish market. Is a makeup cream soft and with good coverage, suitable for all types of skin. It unifies the tone, smooth the skin and it returns its luminosity.

The line expands with Fond de Teint Protecteur, a new makeup in cream protective FPS 50+ without mineral oil. Suitable for all skin types and with a matte finish, long-lasting and homogeneous, is water resistant.

Another new feature is Poudre Universelle Compacte. Powder cream of great adhesion, with a smooth and velvety texture. Provides a finish Matt of long duration, uniform and luminous. Suitable for all skin types, It can be used only, on any makeup or to clarify and fix.


Les Arômes d´Orient

the scents of the East

In addition, Cedib Paris launches Les Arômes d´Orient, a broad line of makeup compact powder made by 12 colors. Have the perfect combination of some powders adherent, velvety and delicately scented to getting a flawless matte finish. It can be used directly, on any type of makeup or to clarify and fix.